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The Little Birdie Grew Old & Left the Nest [ May.12.09 @ 3:36pm ]
To newer lands.

I guess this is just a sign of me growing closer to becoming an "adult."
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Link Dump [ August.06.08 @ 1:48pm ]
New Webcomic
Evil Mad Scientist: Interesting site with a few DIY stuff

So I think I'm in the market for a sewing machine...I don't know how far this idea will go though.

I have a few shirts that I've been meaning to print screen--but I've come to the conclusion that I hate T-shirts. So currently I'm looking up a lot of DIY stuff on how to mod them.

Oguns: i think it's hard to mix a man of science/engineering with God
Oguns: well, they can mix if you don't go far with science
Oguns: and engineering
Oguns: and don't think critically about it
Me: I dunno
Me: I would think that god was an engineer
Me: to be honest

And that's when it hit me: I want that phrase on a shirt.
Let me clarify, I'm not a very spiritual/religious person. But it seemed to make sense to me at the moment

I meant the phrase as more of a ...well, I'm not sure. But it wasn't so much as to declare that I was christian (for the record, I'm not), but more of one of those strange Engrish shirts that have strange, ambivalent phrases on them
Large shirt mod
Dirty World News: Blog of some sort, I suppose
Mark Jenkins: Street artist. (I've forgotten if I've placed it here or not)
ThreadBanger: I love TB; it's been a while since I've checked them out
Links on Mods
Fred & Friends: Interesting products
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Been Meaning to Update Since Sunday [ August.05.08 @ 8:49am ]
So happy belated birthday to Brian!

As a result we conned him to go out and celebrate down in Georgetown.

Here's a fuzzy account of what happenedCollapse )

Needless to say, it was a long night.

And to Brian: I hope it was a night you'll remember-from not being able to lie your way out of a situation, to becoming violently ill, to losing a friend (literally): Here's to your 23!
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I've Learned More About Residential Phone Lines Than I've Ever Wanted To [ July.25.08 @ 11:50am ]
So today is a big day for me.

Yup, you guessed it.

Today is the day that my phone line is all fixed (hopefully).

So after a confusing talk with David, detailing my fears about what needed to be fixedCollapse )

The guy (Tom), showed up.
Long story short, turns out each NID is equipped with a thing called a half-ringer which was placed back in the day when internet wasn't big. The half-ringer acts like a pinger for your telephone-if you're experiencing difficulties with your phone line, an automated computer over at offices will ping the half-ringer to determine something or other.

However, in the age of the interweb, turns out this half-ringer causes havoc for people with internet via phonelines. I'm assuming it has something to do with electrical interference. (For those of you who arn't in the "know", basically the dsl runs through on your phone lines, but on a different frequency-which is why you can use both the internet and the phone at the same time.)

Well, I thought this nightmare would be over--I was wrong. Luckily Tom was super nice and actually thoroughly checked everything before he left (well, everything but his equipment, but I'll get to that later).

After running some tests (turns out they do ping tests now through the computers...eh, random trivia) and making some calls to certify the tests were okay, he was experiencing some problems with the line still. Turns out the prior fix to the phone line was also causing some issues. So as a result, he replaced the replaced phone lines and triumphantly tells me that there should be no more problems and that it should be running about 9x% more efficiently now (finally finish watching some series).

Quite possibly the best birthday present that Verizon can give me--well that and free FIOS, but I'll take what I can get.

On an afternote: So as I was setting everything back into place (the trash is located in front of the NID) I noticed something.

Tom ended up leaving one of the....detectors? monitors? thingamajig? next to the box. So...yeah. I called and left a voicemail, hopefully he'll check before...whenever. He also left the NID cover's opened, which isn't a big deal, but I think I need to screw the service cover with a special driver so.

And in conclusion: I've learned way too much about residential wiring systems throughout this whole 3 month ordeal. Sadly enough, I think as a result, I can pretty much fix a bit of common household problems, should they occur.

P.S. As I came back to my computer I found it strange that there was a bit of moisture on the ground. I figured I just spilled some water there or something. Turns out I was toeing a slug..... D: I scooped it up on a card and dropped it off outside. I think it crawled under something. I hope it's okay.

Is slug slime dangerous?
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Mundane Aspects of Life are Best to be Savored, Slow & Sweet [ July.22.08 @ 3:48pm ]
Sound & fury, signifying nothingCollapse )

Here's sum artzCollapse )

link dumpCollapse )

P.S. Plans for Otakon?Collapse )
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And suddenly! Zombies! [ July.14.08 @ 2:23pm ]
blaaargCollapse )
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Giving in & Dreams [ July.14.08 @ 11:07am ]
So this is about the 4th day in a row in which internet has been out at my house. At this point I'm going to give in and just arrange an appointment with Verizon to send a technician to out to my house to try to fix the line.

I think I know what the issue is, but I'm not too sure how I would go about fixing it. The cable that hooks up the interior wiring to the test jack in the NID is probably corroded and the connection is bad (thus the static). When the guy first came out to fix it, he said that the wirings (all four colors) were rusted through. He replaced the red and green, and the phone line came back on. Unfortunatly, I didn't double check his work to make sure that everything was okay. But anyways, I hope it's just a simple replacement of the outside phone jack and not something to do with the internal wiring of the house.

Onto other news:

So for some odd reason, I was having a lot of issues with sleeping last night/this morning (probably due to the can of coke I drank, in retrospect). As a result I had pretty vivid dreams and one in particular stood out (in which I will proceed to regale you with).

It was basically at school and the art department had a promotional deal with Apple. Basically, trade in your old laptop for the newer model, free of charge under the condition that your current laptop was in working order. I remember thinking to myself, "Oh man, I better get my laptop fixed, toot sweet so I can trade it in. $90 for a $1k deal? Sign me up!" and then proceeding to worry about if I can get my laptop fixed in time before the promotional offer ended.

And then I woke up and cried bitter tears of sadness because it was all a dream and my laptop is still broken.

i-i the end.

Link dump for the dayCollapse )
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An Introspective [ July.10.08 @ 11:48am ]
I won't bore you with details (or maybe I will, this article is still young), but it's defiantly a bit weird looking back to how you were to how you are to how you will be.

Okay, so maybe I will bore youCollapse )

Whatever, this post didn't make that much sense and I'll probably disregard it as ramblings later, but for now, I wish the best to all the people I've met and for the people I will meet. I just hope I don't forget that everybody has their own lives to live.
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Today's update brought to you by the letter 1 [ July.09.08 @ 10:07am ]
I could have started with 'there once was a man from nuntuckit'
I have total disregards for how your friend's page layout is set up.

Followed by today's links for today:

Surprisingly not that much surfing for today.
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It's Tuesday @ 12:30 [ July.08.08 @ 12:09pm ]
Tell me what I should be doingCollapse )

So list some ideas or prompts and see if I bother trying to draw them! (probably not)
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monday quickie [ July.07.08 @ 7:37pm ]
I don't believe in realistic shading because i.m.a.g.i.n.a.t.i.o.n. is all I need

cause I failed to do a drawing session todayCollapse )
I have no idea what the colors are coming out to--I just realized the monitor I'm working off of isn't calibrated
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quotes for today [ July.07.08 @ 4:37pm ]
[16:34] Adam: the tragic tale of me and Japanese media
[16:34] me: hahaha
[16:34] me: shattered your innocence, r ight?
[16:34] Adam: it began the shattering process
[16:35] Adam: other things, like anything on /b, just drove it home
[16:35] Adam: now i see Bowser porn and think "ive seen better Bowser porn"

Earlier today (lost due to firefox crashing):
David not know what "ffs" meant and thinking that it was just some sort of hissing noise

My brilliant idea:
[16:25] ch624: okay
[16:25] ch624: best reaction shot
[16:25] ch624: throwing pennies at them
[16:26] ch624: think of it
[16:26] ch624: group photo
[16:26] ch624: and everybody is uncomfortably standing around
[16:26] ch624: and then you ask for a candid shot
[16:26] ch624: people look at each and sorta helplessly shrug and give semi smiles
[16:27] ch624: then they hear the word "GUN"
[16:27] ch624: confused amusement spatters the group
[16:27] ch624: as people look quizzically off at you
[16:27] ch624: then
[16:27] ch624: PULL
[16:27] ch624: BAM
[16:27] ch624: looks of shock and confusion
[16:27] ch624: it really can't get more genuine than that
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Dear Dream Journal, [ July.07.08 @ 10:21am ]
I had an awful (well, not really awful in the scheme of things, but it did suck) dream this morning.

I dreamnt that I had ended up having to take a test covering a book in which I did not read. Luckily, the test was to be fill in the blanks. Unluckily, I had only about a minute to memorize the words that would go into the blanks. Continuing with that, I also ended up neglecting to realize that there was, after all a word bank. And that I needed to circle words in the word bank.

More than half the paper was marked with red, and yet I managed to score a C on it. Small wonders.

Oh and there was some sort of garden on the school grounds that was slowly becoming a swamp/quicksand thing and turning all the vegetation into horrible wilted plant monsters.

And I also dreamnt I was at the beach and there was some sort of fortification that we had to repair along the sandbanks.
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The Most Tastiest Delicious Dream There Ever Was [ July.05.08 @ 10:22am ]
I just woke up from a dream concerning food and now I really want bbq.

Cue Dream SequenceCollapse )

And then I woke up to write this post and now am sad because there may or may not exist a place like in my dream, but I'll never know.

And I want bbq now.
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Give me prompts [ July.03.08 @ 1:01pm ]
and I'll see if I can do something about it

first request by cup
to kick us offCollapse )
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[ July.03.08 @ 12:51pm ]
Dear LiveJournal,

I know I haven't written to you in a long time--and for that, I'm sorry. But to be honest, if it weren't for the current situation, I still probably wouldn't have seeked you out. For you see, my current prediciment has placed me in a rather precarious situation.

Desperation and numbing boredom has driven me to seek haven into your bosoms.

I hope that you can deliver me from this scourge.

Hopefully, this unfortunate circumstances will be the ember that will reignite the love that was shared between us in the bygone years and our correspondence will begin anew.

Please don't let my lapse in communication affect what could possibly be the start of a new and better relationship.

With love,


I've attached an image below, to show you my sincerity in resuming our life together. I hope you enjoy it.

Attached ImageCollapse )
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I'm Going to be Nice & Put this Behind a Cut [ January.27.08 @ 3:15pm ]
You know the drillCollapse )
I'm not sure why he looks so.....jumpy. Either it's because I need to put in color to differentiate between the front and back legs or smooth out the transitions between the frames. I definatly know I don't want to put in more frames into this animation though. It's already at 10 frames.

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Update? Again?! Not in my House! [ January.25.08 @ 7:43pm ]
wtf, he's bouncy ain't he?

So here's a rough of the walking sequence.
Any criticism would be appreciated.

Oh, and music.
Music would also be appreciated.

Notes: This is a rough, I didn't incorporate any dynamics into the actual torso.
The actual sketching took like 5 hours...not counting the skeletal roughs.
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Vinci Hard @ Work [ January.25.08 @ 4:51am ]
After a hard day's work....
My bed has yet again been hijacked.

On the plus side, at least his hands arn't down his pants again.

In other news...Collapse )

This can either be a very good semester or a very bad semester.
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Oh Schnap [ December.14.07 @ 9:11pm ]
I'm back folks.

Call me.
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